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Manuels LT53B - Doe
BOSV, BOSB at Del Mar show on
April 24, 2015
Manuels JTX13 - Doe

Red and Broken Red New Zealand
The Red and Broken Red line is going to start producing soon. 
We want to get these Does out and show them first.
We will keep you posted when litters are to be expected.
If you are interested in getting one of these rabbits please contact us
and we will put you on a list.
Kits coming very soon!!!! 
We have some in the box now and they are doing very well!!!
Manuels LT32B - Buck
BOB/BOV at Victorville Fair 2014
BOB/BOV at Keep It Hopping
BOS at Chino Jr. Fair2014
BOB at Antelope Valley Fair 2014
BOV @ Del Mar show on
April 24, 2015
 ~Legs: 1~